Ginas is not just Wedding

We satisfy all your needs and wishes, we take care of each detail.

Ginas is not just about wedding. Tell us about the style you wish for your event, its purpose and your budget and we’ll advise you and guide you through its planning and fulfilment.

Our services can satisfy all your needs, with a great care for the details, adding a personal touch to ensure any private or business event will be successful.

Location Scouting


Each event is unique, one-of-a-kind and customised. We do our best to thoughtfully understand, follow and meet every need and request, selecting the perfect location for your private or business event.

Catering e banqueting


For a really successful event, the culinary offer and the menu are essential. We select for you the best catering and we also offer a banqueting service, thanks to our valued chefs, who help us creating the best menu for the event, searching and selecting of high quality products.

Setting up


We take care of setting up the chosen location, sticking to the pre-set mood, so that the place of the event becomes perfect: from the flower preparation to the music, from the enlightenment to the welcome service.

And so much more..


Graphic design, photo shooting, video, entertainment, DJ set and much more. We will accompany you through each moment of the event and we will be there to make sure everything is perfect in each detail.